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"The Truth is that when a free spirit exists, it has to materialize itself in some form of work, and for this the hands are needed.  Everywhere we find traces of
Man's handiwork and through these we can catch a glimpse of his spirit and the thoughts of his times."
Maria Montessori - The Absorbent Mind 

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Traditionally, a Journeyman Carpenter could do everything from a foundation of a home, to the roof and everything in between.  Including the furnishings,  which is where my personal journey began and when it comes to our apprentices ...

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For us, the "Team" is the most important part of our organization and we include the client to be an integral part of our team.  For success of any project to happen, there must be transparency and open dialog between all team players.  Assumptions are never to be made.

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Let's talk about style.  First of all, what is style?  Your style.  There is only one you, original, remarkable and beyond compare.
When it comes to choosing a design ... 

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Here are some kitchens that I have built


Finishing Carpentry

My specialty is finishing carpentry.  And what I consider to be finishing carpentry is not just hanging doors, trim and baseboard, it is everything from a curved set of stairs, cabinetry to a piece of furniture.

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Custom Furnishings

With busy lives full of family, friends and work, our furniture that we use daily should not only reflect our personal tastes but as well to enhance our our current mood that we find ourselves in.  Whether it be a time of "Let's get it done" ... to ... "Time to relax."  And sometimes, it is hard to find the special piece in a show room store.

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Extra fun stuff below,
Personally ... I prefer to be challenged at work

(The reason I reached further become a Traditional Carpenter)

Custom Homes

Here is a home that I built near downtown Calgary, 
that was featured in a Hollywood Movie, starring 
"Ray Liotta' in "Comeback Season"

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I have clients you can actually talk to and go to there home if you are so inclined and see the physical work

Below is a list of services that I offer