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When it comes to concrete form work, it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing (excluding a regular sidewalk).  Especially if it has some curves to it or a specialty item.  Like a concrete counter top or a curved set of free standing stairs (still on the bucket list), also you can throw in the mix a specialty item like a garden planter.  Outside of that, like a foundation to a home, I will only do the foundation, if and only if we are building the entire home.  

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Marion Jacobson's front steps below

Paul and Roxanne's front steps below

Cathie Driver's Concrete Planter
(more images to follow)

The last image you see, the planter to the left.  
The next images to follow will have the planter wrapped in metal that looks like wood. 
I'm building the deck too. (in fact it's a full home renovation, inside and out)

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