Laying Hardwood

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What we offer

When it comes to laying Hardwood or any other type of engineered flooring  (excluding carpet and tile),
we only offer the installation of the product/s to our existing customers that have previously hired us or to our clients that have hired us for a larger renovation to as where we are renovating their entire home or there part of.  

If you have come across us for this particular type of carpentry installation and only are looking for new hardwood and nothing else?
We will redirect you to some qualified installers or we will help you with a DIY situation, including tool rentals and the tricks of the trade.
Through the DIY, you can save a ton of money and have a lot of fun and as well gain an appreciation for the guys and gals that do it for a back breaking living. 🙂

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Unless of course, you have the money and want something extremely fun for us to install like the image to the left.  Then .... we will gladly give you a price to install.

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