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If I hadn't chosen Carpentry as a career,  my next preference would of been masonry.
I spent a summer as a teenager as a brick layers helper,  working on my Uncle's Ken's fireplace in Whistler.
What I learned besides mixing mud and packing it up a latter,  besides hard work,
I learned the importance of level.

More pictures to follow on the above project,
including a wrap around deck attached to a large concrete planter

Gord and Annie's garage

The images below are the Back half of 
Cathie Driver's Home

The Stone

Mill house

My Home Office is more then just your ordinary home office, it's more like a studio or should I go as far as saying a sanctuary to where I can be fully present, calm and at peace and through that I can focus at the task at hand, or have a beer and day dream. 🙂 

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