Tree Houses, Play Houses & Forts Too

This was one of the most fun renovations I have ever done.  It was actually a fort, 3 walls and a lean to roof (the left side) and I added 3 other walls and a couple windows, a door and closed in the roof, then the wrap around stairs.  On the inside I hinged a bookcase to the wall creating a secrete.  With a secrete hidden knob,  the kids can pull/open the bookcase from the wall and on the other side reveals a secrete passage way (door) to the outside.  And on the other side of the door is a rope pulley system with a basket that Mom or Dad can send cookies and drinks up to the kids. The below tree house was built for Calgary Green Works.  If you are looking for a Landscape Design Company I highly recommend them. Simply put ...they are the best of the best.

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